Catering Operations Shift Supervisor

Directs the activities of assigned group of personnel engaged in catering operations, on assigned shift. Includes ensuring that meals other catering requirements are ready at the designated time. Ensures that loading and offloading of catering equipment is carried out efficiently and with no delay. Supervises preparation of uplifts of food equipment. Includes directing the driver/loader to and from aircraft.

Main Duties

  • Directs the activities of assigned group of personnel engaged in catering operations on assigned shift. Takes over duties from outgoing shift. Includes receiving written instruction from Duty Officer on flight movement report sheet concerning any outstanding requirements. Includes ensuring that any information is met, special meal if any or equipment required.
  • Supervises the operation of uplifts of food and equipment to ensure that items quantity requirements are met and checks such against the diagram, uplift by physically counting items or assigning subordinates to do so.
  • Checks food items for uplifts against check sheet and (corrects interpretation) of portion controls charts and percentage loading. Includes ensuring that equipment items of one carrier are not mixed or used for another.
  • Monitors handling of flight allocated to him. Includes ensuring that food and equipment are correctly prepared and ready for dispatching to aircraft 30 minutes prior to STA/STD (schedule time Arrival/Departure). Ensures proper preparation of aircraft catering. Includes monitoring loading of catering equipment and food.
  • Accompanies catering vehicle to aircraft or attends to aircraft to direct loader/driver to and from aircraft to provide necessary direction to driver. Includes explaining of uplifts to galley steward and obtaining signature on Aircraft Catering Order and checklist.
  • Prepares aircraft Catering Order (ACO) for all flight services allocated, which reflects the number of meals ordered and supplied as well as other services rendered and submits the same to duty Officer for further action.
  • Ensures that equipment are not available in dispatch, pre-set and wash-up before drawing these items from stores.
  • Ensures that hygiene and cleanliness of the section is maintained at the highest standards.
  • Ensures that hygiene rules and regulation are always implemented. Monitors temperature, and ensures that meal uplift is delivered to the Aircraft at the right temperature.
  • Prepares the items requisition form as per passenger figures from the dry store unit.
  • Arranges the food in trolleys and distributes it according to their sector, passenger class figures and crew meals.
  • Transfers the F/C and J/C hot meals from the production trolley to ovens which are brought by catering supervisor from washing unit too.
  • Arranges for special meals as per telexes received from airlines.
  • Fills up the flight movement report, enters the flight data in Imlan System and update the information due to changes in the passenger load figure and special meals.
  • Controls and monitors the loading onboard the aircraft. Includes checking on loaders, drivers and trucks, and ensures that stowage and trolleys are loaded correctly in limited time.
  • Checks the catering load, dry store times and commissary in each galley with crew and get their signature.
  • Carries out other similar or related duties, such as reporting any accidents/incidents, which occur to aircraft/equipment/personnel, to the duty officer immediately, taking passenger figures from the daily schedule, checking the temperature of meals from production before load and ensuring that all containers are available and loaded correctly.
  • Comply with the Company and Airport authorities’ health, safety, and security regulations.


Completion of Secondary (12 years) education followed by 1 year course in Operating.


  • 3 – 4 years’ experience in a similar position.
  • Other Essential Requirements:
  • Fair knowledge of spoken and written English.
  • Valid light duty driving license.
  • Good knowledge of operating a PC.
  • Job Type: Contract

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