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Defining friendship

You may have certainly asked yourself about the meaning of friendship and what it consists of? And how do you find people who are linked only by the bond of friendship, and whose affection and kindness is greater than the sisters, who have a stronger bond, which is the family bond. Many psychologists and sociologists have tried to put a specific definition of the word friendship, some of them said that friendship is a link between two or more people, and some of them said that friendship is a concept far beyond just a link or connection between people.

But it is agreed that friendship is a sophisticated concept between some people, which increases the pleasure of life and makes the individual happy with it and with all its details.

Some scholars have explained and explained that the concept of true friendship is the treasure that if a person finds it in this world, he will become the happiest person in life.

Advantages of friendship

Friendship has many countless advantages, but let's touch on the most famous

  • Friendship makes a person feel happy and always wanted
  • Make better decisions, a friend is always heard.
  • Not feeling lonely, and increasing joy and happiness.
  • Improving behavior, for a true friend is the one who always and constantly improves his friend.

Types of friendship

Friendship has many types and countless, and with the beginning of the new millennium friendship began to take a new form, such as electronic friendship.

Let's list the most important types of friendship

  • Childhood friendship: It is the best kind of endless friendship. Childhood friendship is formed without any interests, only for the purpose of friendship. This type of friendship is characterized as long lasting.
  • Friendship of difficult times: It is a friendship that is not widespread, but its ties are very strong and remain for a long time.Β 
  • Travel friendship: This type of friendship is strange, as once it starts, it is very, very strong, but as soon as the travel period ends - whether it is long or short - each person departs to his normal life and the friendship is just a beautiful memory.
  • Work friendship: Sometimes it is good and successful, and in many cases it is a conditional friendship whose relationship is simple, and it ends as soon as he leaves work.
  • Marriage: Do not be surprised, as many scholars have classified marriage as a type of friendship, and in fact you may find the most successful marriages in which the two parties are reconciled with each other and treat each other as friends.
  • Electronic friendship: It is a new type of friendship that started since ancient times, but with different names, starting from correspondence friendship to the electronic friend, all of these friendships have almost the same meaning. And electronic friendship is characterized as it arises on interests. Once you choose a specific interest like music or investing, you will find many friends who share the same interest.

What is the best friendship

The best friendship, according to scholars, is the one in which you find a true friend who listens and listens to you, a friend you can count on in times of hardship or in times of prosperity, a friend that you enjoy your time with, and a friend with whom you do not have any obligations such as work friends or a husband.

Electronic friendship

We will talk about it in detail because it has begun to impose itself strongly in recent years, with the widespread acceptance and spread of social networking sites, electronic friendship has become a reality in our daily lives.

But many experts make many accusations of this kind of friendship. Some of them see it as an escape from reality, and some of them see that it is not good and punctuated by a lot of lies and social hypocrisy, and some of them say that it will never replace true friendship. Especially since the most important characteristic of true friendship is not available, which is the absence of communication in direct body language.

Despite the many criticisms directed at electronic friendship, it is increasing and spreading day after day, so that social networking sites and dating applications have become the most prevalent among young people in particular and people in general these days.

The reason is due to the many advantages of electronic friendship. Perhaps the most prominent of them is the abolition of geographical borders between countries, as this friendship allows you to form a relationship with any person and from any country.

You can also search for more friends who share the same interests and ideas. And many specialists said that one of these advantages is also the ease of building friendship, especially with shy people who do not know how to build good relationships.

The most important tips for electronic friendship:

Despite the advantages and disadvantages of electronic friendship, and the increasing demand for it, it has some important tips to ensure the success of the relationship, and the most important of these tips are distinguished in the following

  • Do not exaggerate expectations: because this is unfortunately a trap that many people fall into, which is exaggerating expectations from the other party, which makes this relationship collapse as soon as each one knows the nature of the other's personality.
  • The Internet is an unsafe place, and therefore you must first make sure of the intention of the person you intend to get to know, and the reason is due to the presence of many unscrupulous people on the Internet, who are trying to set you up for their own gain.</strong >
  • Do not share any private photos with anyone you do not know, because most of those you deal with are just legal individuals, and make your private life higher and more valuable than publishing it with the public.

This is all we want to share with you about friendship.

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